The Non-Immigrant Student

25th Birthday Voice Blog/My Testimony

April 09, 2021 The Non-Immigrant Student Season 1 Episode 9
The Non-Immigrant Student
25th Birthday Voice Blog/My Testimony
Show Notes

Heyyyyyyyy fellow NISs!

Welcome back to another special episode!

In this episode, I voice blog [vlog] about my two birthday parties and why I was really pumped to celebrate my birthday this year!

I was so grateful that I got to share the moments with you and all of my friends back at home because it was such a happy weekend!

All the pictures and videos can be found on the Instagram page (and in the Story Highlights) for this podcast so please check them out if you’re really interested!

So, I might not sound as excited as I do right now in this episode because I also share my testimony of getting an F-1 visa and how I made it to the US just in time to avoid deferring till Spring 2021 but I want you to know that I’m happy and just really grateful to God for how far He has brought me.

Feel free to shed a few tears on my behalf too and shoot me an email to tell me how many tissues you used to dry them up so we can see who “cried pass” (naughty smile).

As always, I hope you enjoy listening and hope that your FAITH is strengthened more than ever before to believe the impossible and trust in God for your miracle because HE WILL COME THROUGH! He does answer prayers and All Glory be ascribed unto Him forever and ever,Amen!

Thank you all again for celebrating with me!

All My Love,